About Icenet

Incorporated in 1999, with its staff comprised of teachers and graduates of MSU Computer science department.

Our professional interests lie in launching and successfully completing projects in a wide range of IT technologies, as well as developing technical services. The main directions of our activity are the following:

Software design

Icenet runs its own projects and participates in other companies' projects as well. This includes working on the so called outsourcing conditions. Here, we undertake the following tasks:

1. system programming:

- device drivers for different operating systems

- hardware oriented components, libraries, APIs

2. network and distributed applications for the Internet and other purposes

3. distance education applications

Information services for the Internet

1. Design and maintenance of websites and Internet shops.

2. Design, filling in and maintenance of public access data bases on the platform of Mysql, Interbase, Oracle or Sybase.

3. Placing information within the Internet (i.e. Web hosting), this includes:

- general sites

- public access data bases

- collocation.

4. Connected services:

- domain names registration and maintenance

- e-mail services

- corporative and private news groups with public and limited access

- corporative fields of data exchange for SOHO ( i.e. small office and home office ) companies at our server

- Internet servers administration ( no matter where they're located - at our place or at other provider's)

- and more

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Icenet, 2002

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